Our journey began nearly 30 years ago when founder Yaseva Anandha began applying his sentiments and skills to the problems that vexed society. A spiritualism evolved rooted in cultural awareness and judicious use of practical, people oriented and sustainable technology.

As a one man think tank, he has suggested manifold solutions for many burning issues, each involving a paradigm shift on the part of the implementation teams.

Making smart use of culture and the power of melody and song to change mood, his events have a simple, honest, direct and transformative effect.

Today, we are dusting off old ideas and finding new ways to fit them in contemporary and diverse situations, changing the very narratives of audiences and benefactors, creating new paradigms whose benefits are immediately apparent to civic and governmental bodies worldwide.

It is fitting that the entire program comes from the quaint city of Chennai, South India – the land known for its spiritual democracy, patronage of the arts and fair business ethics. Our immediate plans are to establish the Reign of Joy in Tamil Nadu which will need extensive support, logistics and funding from both the public as well as the governmental organisations. We also need to establish a team of civil societies and organisations to partner with us and carry on the work as each area, city (and even county) march with fervent enthusiasm on their unique joy journeys.