Dear Principal

Greetings from ‘Joyism ‘, an inter-religious consortium based in Chennai. Your institution has been selected to take part in a landmark initiative that is sure to bring laurels to your ecological commitment and also usher wide-spread transformation in society. In this connection we have taken the liberty to share about  ‘International School and College Alumni Network’ (I SCAN) and it’s part in ushering a ‘new-paradigm’, with the potential for moving human
civilization to a higher level of inclusive, purposeful and fulfilled living.

You will agree that the overarching ‘aim’ of all people in the world, in broad terms, is to be ‘Happy and Joyous’! Yes? (Because at the core, the ultimate desire and purpose of every human-being is to express, experience and radiate joy! And the motto of Joyism is precisely this, to ‘give-joy, get-joy, create-joy, rejoice!

However in present times the ‘Happiness and Joy’ of all people on this planet are being threatened. Scientists say that we have only 10 years to contain the temperature rise, or else the planet will suffer irreversible damage. Already the polar ice-caps, including the mighty

Himalayan glaciers, are melting at a fast pace, which is going to cause sea-levels to rise. Storms and hurricanes are getting frequent and more violent. Our Planet’s environment is under threat.

Imagine the plight of our children and theirs, the untold climate misery they have to face; and have their happiness ruined. So the big questions of these times are ‘What are we doing to Mitigate Global Warming in an objective and pragmatic way relevant for these times’? Are we going to remain as spectators? Or ‘Arise and do what best can be done’! ‘What can be the response of students in your institution
to Climate Change Crises?’ They also need to chip-in and do whatever is possible, because it is their environment and future living conditions that is at stake.

This is where I SCAN, through its collaboration with ‘I Too’ Initiative ‘Bring the Change I want to see’,  New-Era Gandhi Movement and others, can help both seniors (alumni) and students (junior) of your Institution, put their best-foot forward with pragmatic intervention action regarding Global Warming Mitigation. This is also done with an international perspective,  since Global Warming is mainly caused by developed nations.   In the future, it should be that your esteemed institution took a serious action on this critical issue and was part of the solution! In fact I SCAN will help you precisely in this regard and the actions taken can be proudly featured in your institutional reports; the positive response to the climate change crises.

Importantly, at a local level, I SCAN, through its collaboration with ‘Joyism City Command Centre’, will help connect your students both present and past, to a spectrum of innovative programs that are loaded with opportunities. These have the potential to substantially enhance both their quality of life and income generation capacity on multiple fronts with a social entrepreneurial focus.

Cities are the engines of development, so for establishing an equitable future for all (including ‘Global Warming Mitigation’) our mission is to ‘Put Cities on the Road of Joy…(which will progressively weaken the many forces of negativity that prevail). A pragmatic ‘street by street
strategy’ is employed since cities are made-up of multiple streets.  
Thus to fulfil these objectives we are  taking firm steps to set in motion the establishment of ‘Joyism – City Command Centre Chennai and elsewhere, working  with a ‘Social Entrepreneurial’ bias, together with widespread  networking  for accelerating the whole process in in the following

7 important areas:      

  1. ‘Halt Global Warming’ with ‘Posterity Joy Consciousness’, focused multi-pronged, multi-level
    action programs
  2. Foster ‘Culture of Joy’ in Music, Art, Dance Drama, Sport and Entertainment 
  3. Determine City/ Zone ‘Happy – Joy Indices’ to marshal resources where most needed in each city
  4. ‘Smart- Joy Street Management’ ushering politics of joy, enhancing grass-root, dynamic, inclusive democracy
  5. ‘Joyist’ Focus on Wellness, Economics, Ecology, Area Development, Rights, Standard of Living, Technology, etc. 
  6. ‘Joyist’ Transition of Human & Environment Rights Violation Perpetrators; accelerated social transformation  
  7. ‘Joyist’ Transformation of communities and localities prone to Gender-Violence, Child Abuse Sectarianism, etc.

‘Joyism Command Centers’ is a ‘single door’ multiple service hub to put Cities world-over on the Road of Joy. We hope you appreciate this unique and timely proposal to give hope to students for a better and
equitable future. With the onset of climate change, widespread environmental and social degradation, loss of work in the age of robots, etc.; the present generations needs innovative positive impetus to help them navigate through the future. We also have thematic songs that can energize your students and alumni for this cause. In this regard we request for an appointment at your earliest convenience, to get your suggestions and discuss about taking this pioneering work forward. Awaiting your kind response…

Thanking you
Founder – Director
Joyism Secretariat

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