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Founder’s Message

First published here, this was written circa 2015.

Our planet Earth is at the threshold of looming long-term catastrophic events like climate disruptions, rising fundamentalism, pollution of land and water, etc, despite the great strides made in technology and other fields. We have crossed the maximum permissible levels of carbon pollution (350 ppm of Carbon) sometime ago and have now gone beyond 400 ppm. In the age of democracy and equal opportunities for all, large portions of many nations are spiralling into medieval age theocratic bondage, such as Syria, East Africa, Iraq, Nigeria, etc. The business of preparedness for war, profiteering through violence, fostered by the humongous armament manufacturing industries and corporations, is despicable wastage of resources; a typical manifestation of the ‘culture of waste’ Pollution of the land and water by chemical fertilizers, sewage and effluents Endemic behaviour related, non-communicable diseases plague the people, with no effective preventive measures in sight Twenty-first century undoubtedly represents a high point in terms of challenges faced by civilization.