First published here, this was written circa 2015.

Our planet Earth is at the threshold of looming long-term catastrophic events like climate disruptions, rising fundamentalism, pollution of land and water, etc, despite the great strides made in technology and other fields. We have crossed the maximum permissible levels of carbon pollution (350 ppm of Carbon) sometime ago and have now gone beyond 400 ppm. In the age of democracy and equal opportunities for all, large portions of many nations are spiralling into medieval age theocratic bondage, such as Syria, East Africa, Iraq, Nigeria, etc. The business of preparedness for war, profiteering through violence, fostered by the humongous armament manufacturing industries and corporations, is despicable wastage of resources; a typical manifestation of the ‘culture of waste’ Pollution of the land and water by chemical fertilizers, sewage and effluents Endemic behaviour related, non-communicable diseases plague the people, with no effective preventive measures in sight Twenty-first century undoubtedly represents a high point in terms of challenges faced by civilization.

A Trans-disciplinary research strategy that crosses many disciplinary boundaries to create a holistic impact is the need of the hour; applying research efforts focusing on problems that cross the boundaries of multiple disciplines, such as research on effective information systems, biomedical research, appropriate technologies, ethnography and anthropology and so on.

Further, to accelerate the achievement of results a Cybernetic approach is to be taken that synergizes multiple disciplines in terms of application, analysis, feedback, and fine-tuning; whereby positive change is generated in the respective environment / condition, triggering an inevitable system change. Incidentally, the word cybernetics comes from Greek word ‘kybernetike’, meaning “governance”; qualified by the Greek word ‘kybernao’ meaning “to steer, navigate or govern” and People Planet Institute is founded objectively to help steer civilization to work for common good.

People Planet Institute has been set up for comprehensive higher learning and practice, to meet the above requirements and challenges. It is a global mission institution drawing inspiration from the ethos and traditions of India; strength from spiritual principles of un-conditional love, non-violence (ahimsa), moral courage meekness are drawn; capped with contemporary technological green practices. People Planet Institute collaborates with leading Universities in India and across the globe, educating, empowering and emboldening students for entrepreneurial action. People Planet Institute also derives major strength from the reservoir of works promoted by Regina Charitable Trust, the mother ship.

People Planet Institute has achieved significant progress in functioning as an institution of higher learning with a strong research, innovation, application and result oriented focus. PPI establishes excellent partnerships and collaborative arrangements with a spectrum of institutes, organizations including governmental agencies in sectors relating to Climate Change, Social Entrepreneurship, Good-Governance, Behavioural Ailments Intervention, Poverty eradication and Peace Architecture. People Planet Institute is committed to serve local, national and global needs.

It is heartening to note the signs of changes happening in the world abound! In Climate, business , government, economics, environmental challenges, politics, human rights, safety, terrorism, spirituality, health, mind, spirit, etc. As an interconnected human family, we all have a part in all that’s happening and the big questions are:

What will it take to co-create a world we can be proud to pass on to our children and grandchildren?

What might be possible if we awaken the dream of a healed, peaceful, soul-connected and revitalized nations ?

• How can each of us contribute to fulfilling our collective mission, while expressing our own unique personal mission?

For this to happen… a holistic world view (We aspect) is first needed, to fulfil our collective mission (Us aspect) without compromising our individual uniqueness (Me aspect)! This is We Us Me consciousness in a nutshell.

People Planet Institute collaborates with ‘Academy WeUsMe’ to lead YOU in an vital exploration to discover and evolve your perspectives and intentions in order to move towards your purpose fulfilment and unique destiny.

• The immediate importance of vision and a plan of action are to create purposeful and sustainable change in our-self first! Then in the family, street (among neighbours) /locality / ward / district, across the nation and the world.
• How we can activate a “Joy Worldview” Vision and a “Joy Nation” / “Joy City” / “Joy Street” Mission, to attract the resources necessary to bring it into being.
• What is “Joy Citizenship” and why it is essential for creating a climactic burst of energy and change?
• How to stand passionately for our views while embracing what we may have seen as the “opposition”.
• Why it is especially important that spiritually oriented people get involved in politics and activism at this time.
• How we can forge real solutions to expand and accelerate enlightenment in thought speech and action; in sync with the We Us Me realms

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