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Welcome to our little website where we promote the works of people making a difference in their circles - ChangeMakers.

We especially support conscious businesses and globally awakened individuals.

Do look at our vision and terms. Happy Surfing!

People — Section @ YM World

People Initiatives Organisations

Heir Seth Qureshi

Heir Seth Qureshi, Web Trainee

Heir, with ambitions to beomee a father/healer/teacher someday, is still in his 20s and has been a staunch supporter of Imran and YieldMore since 2019.
He is undergoing training as a content creator, Amadeus Craftsman, Media and Social Media Marketing Professional and is now a supporter of the YM Network helping people grow with this Public Interest Promotions Network.
He charges a base fee of Rs 500 per hour and can be retained to:

  1. Help creating promotion profiles on the network.
  2. Discuss online marketing strategies, consulting & guide creation of social media accounts on screenshare like Google Meet or AnyDesk
  3. Support Imran in the rendering of Team Services for you.
  4. Create basic and extended listings for you.
  5. Help you with photo/video shooting and graphics work for your social media channels.
  6. Work with Google Search Console and Google Maps (formerly Google My Business), enhancing your online presence.
  7. Build websites for you in Amadeus, analysing existing content and presenting them via Rich Home Pages
  8. Any other skill he is required to pick up, given a chance and guidance by you.

Heir's Personal Note

He is a young, optimistic, compassionate fellow looking for a break into a rewarding career in a kind organization that would uplift and heal humankind.
He requires about 40k a month to run a household of 3 and this could come from a few supporters who would contribute between Rs 500 to Rs 400 INR for upto a year. Kindly engage his services by ticking one of the boxes above / make a one time donation / referral / pledge at least a 3 months of support.

UPI ID for Indian Money Transfer (GPay / PhonePe etc):
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Most Lovingly,
Imran & Heir

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Imran Ali Namazi

Imran Ali Namazi, Founder

I, Imran, a programmer since 2006, always passionate since college about electronics, coding, writing and am now building YieldMore 3.0 - begun in 2013.

Imran Can Help You

Always willing to help anyone and toil for any cause, I can be contacted in my capacities:

My father once said, its upto the worker to bring all his skill, experience and forces to bear on the job at hand. I try to do just that!
Thanks & Sincerely,
Dreamer turning Doer,
Imran Ali Namazi

Imran - Author / Healer With Words

"Where there is joy in the heart and the person is in intimate touch with the cosmos, there poetry reigns! When it's brimming from the soul, there in every motion, every thought, then humankind will lead the Life Divine - such is the power of the future poetry" - Imran Ali Namazi.

"If only we learn to let go of our cares and niggles, even if only for a moment, there we find bliss and thus enraptured, we are lead to 'spontaneous creation and expression'. Some call this flow state, some call this Samadi - I call this poetry" - Imran Ali Namazi's Blog.

As a writer, Imran can

Imran Also Tries To

I continue to develop YieldMore.org's Core Programs viz Immersive Education, Growth & Healing and the PACT Education Forum.

  • Develop YieldMore.org.
  • Promote others on the network.
  • Work for some cause or charity of your choosing.
  • Work on Amadeus.
  • Be an artist (writer) and healer.
  • Others (please specify)
  • Personal Upkeep

UPI and Paypal Details

If you like Imran's work or have been benefitted by one of his articles or programs, you may

UPI ID for Indian Money Transfer (GPay / PhonePe etc):
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I can also be transferred money on paypal using

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Karan Luthra

Karan Luthra - Healer, Networker

Karan is here to

  • Provide real food for people in cities / healers tiffin.
  • Do an EFT Tapping session to tap unresolved issues.
  • Healing with words and identifying the traumas.
  • Invite for events as speaker / volunteer.
  • Develop your ideas.
  • Get listed
  • Guide parents and youngsters on leading a meaningful and rewarding family life.
  • Identify Inner Conflicts.
  • Evaluate Belief Systems.
  • Resolve Physical pain.
  • Get listed as a healer amongst active national committees and at my website healersconnect.in.

Karan's Curations & Information

With our present levels of awareness, we can resolve conflicts that are creating a false reality within. I wish to share a few films to share the possibilities.

See also this vimeo video on new german medicine.
How we can tap our past traumas to release, the quantum healing takes over as we resolve it at the subconscious level.

Suport Karan

A minimum contribution of Rs 500 would be much appreciated. You may whatsapp me or call at +919773393001.

UPI ID for Indian Money Transfer (GPay / PhonePe etc):
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Initiatives — Section @ YM World

People Initiatives Organisations

Home Schooling

Homeschooling by AwakenToLife.org

We are now inviting homeschoolers to share this course developed as an introduction or primer to homeschooling.
We are encouraging it be adopted by small groups of families and are always here to support you in this journey.
The video course comprises 10 modules, each having a page with it's outline here.
Kindly note that the course fee is Rs 12000 + GST and to contact vidya@awakentolife.org.
Course is made by Mrs Vidya Shankar, founder of relieffoundation.in and cascadefls.org.
Formerly a child rights and juvenile justice professional, she began Cascade, a family co-operative led Montessori model nearly 15 years ago.
A detailed bio can be had here.

World Pattern Of Process

WPoP Background

The World Pattern of Process was first a PhD thesis of Rasunah Marsden at the University of British Columbia in 2019. It has now the following objectives

Lay Summary

The World Pattern of Process introduces the concepts Zat, Sifat, Asma, Af'al (ZSAA) and material, vegetal, animal and human energies and then discusses correlations in the sciences and humanities which are supported by these concepts. A focus on energy and processes over and above objects or matter is emphasized in the dissertation.
Part 1 (Chapters 1-4) articulates the process central to World Pattern in the 'ZSAA' format. Part 2 (Chapters 5-7) shows the application of the concepts when viewing indigenous world views, the Great Chain of Being, and Theories of Everything. These applications were chosen as examples of alternate, past and contemporary world views, respectively, which can be associated with the World Pattern. As a pattern of analysis, the World Pattern of Process offers a holistic approach to knowledge systems and re-invigorates dialectics on human be-ing which can enrich deliberations on existence and process in the field of education and beyond. For updates, tune into The Alliances Email Group here. Or see her thesis at the UBC Site. She can be emailed at rasunah@shaw.ca

Yieldmore Ideas

Core Ideas of YieldMore.org - Services of Imran

All programs work with a base fee of Rs 5000/- and a half day / full day fee of Rs 4000 / 7500 + GST. Further license and program charges may apply. To discuss further, we charge
At yieldmore.org, having stockpiled ideas, inspiring curation, resources and written compelling articles, we now promote multiple people, organisations, programs and initiatives, interacting imaginatively with the world.
If you like this page and want to make your own, simply correlate the content with this format and send it to us.

You may pay Imran a base fee and join.
UPI ID for Indian Money Transfer (GPay / PhonePe etc):
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Organisations — Section @ YM World

People Initiatives Organisations

Agastya Foundation

Agastya Foundation - Possible Collaborator

A friend in 2022 Dec offered to introduce me, Imran to Agastya International Foundation. Hence the collaboration invite and overview. Saving this page for updates on what I'm hoping will be a favourable response and resources that result from our combined talents. Some of the info he shared are as follows.

Agastya Foundation - 20th Anniversary

Today is the 20th anniversary of Agastya. During the past 20 years Agastya has directly touched more than 15 million children, 250,000 teachers and is operating in 19 states and is having night study programs for poor rural children in more than 800 villages, has about 1450 full time employees on rolls and about 850 part time paid volunteers for the night village programmes. We also have about 220 mobile science labs and over 100 science centres across the country.

Agastya Foundation - CGI 2022

Clinton Global Initiative - 2022 New York Chelsea Clinton felicitates Ramji Raghavan & Agastya International Foundation for it's commitment to impact 37 million children in India in 5 years in the front a of Global audience of one thousand including Bill & Hilary Clinton, Bono ( U 2) , Hollywood /popstars. & Fortune 500 CEO . Chelsea said that people "should gasp " at the scale of Agastya's Commitment Links
  1. Stanford Design Thinking
  2. Blended Learning

Agastya Foundation - ChangeMakers

Root Trust

Shirly of Root Trust wants pledges from Individuals of between Rs 1000 and 5000 per month to operate 5 centers for which the total target is to raise 30k a month. Fund her work with education for children, women in the underprivileged areas where her evening study programs help keep high risk children engaged in creative and self development activities.


Vishwas Introduction

This section is still being designed. Check here for in-progress details.

Document References

If you are part of the team, you can access the document here.