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Welcome to our little website where we promote the works of people making a difference in their circles - ChangeMakers.

We especially support conscious businesses and globally awakened individuals.

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People Initiatives Organisations

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Imran Ali Namazi

Imran Ali Namazi, Founder

I, Imran, a programmer since 2006, always passionate since college about electronics, coding, writing and am now building YieldMore 3.0 - begun in 2013.

Imran Can Help You

Always willing to help anyone and toil for any cause, I can be contacted in my capacities:

My father once said, its upto the worker to bring all his skill, experience and forces to bear on the job at hand. I try to do just that!
Thanks & Sincerely,
Dreamer turning Doer,
Imran Ali Namazi

Imran - Author / Healer With Words

"Where there is joy in the heart and the person is in intimate touch with the cosmos, there poetry reigns! When it's brimming from the soul, there in every motion, every thought, then humankind will lead the Life Divine - such is the power of the future poetry" - Imran Ali Namazi.

"If only we learn to let go of our cares and niggles, even if only for a moment, there we find bliss and thus enraptured, we are lead to 'spontaneous creation and expression'. Some call this flow state, some call this Samadi - I call this poetry" - Imran Ali Namazi's Blog.

As a writer, Imran can

Imran Also Tries To

I continue to develop YieldMore.org's Core Programs viz Immersive Education, Growth & Healing and the PACT Education Forum.

  • Develop YieldMore.org.
  • Promote others on the network.
  • Work for some cause or charity of your choosing.
  • Work on Amadeus.
  • Be an artist (writer) and healer.
  • Others (please specify)
  • Personal Upkeep

UPI and Paypal Details

If you like Imran's work or have been benefitted by one of his articles or programs, you may

UPI ID for Indian Money Transfer (GPay / PhonePe etc):
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Radhakrishnan S

Climate and Sustainability Consultant

Founder of SEAMovement.org.

Passion: To develop local solutions in adapting the effects of climate change and build resilience which majorly involves the core survival areas such as water, food, shelter and energy.

Past Activities

  1. Involved in Community based environment development (CBED) program with Chennai metropolitan development authority (CMDA) in which community participation is the highlight. Associated with Pond renovation, Park development, Burial ground development and Storm water drain project works in the suburbs of Chennai.
  2. Market support to Farmer Producer Companies in a few districts of Tamil Nadu. Guidance for direct selling to consumers; to keep a customer base for regular business.
  3. Urban market development for Safe and nutritious food. Also guided many new entrepreneurs to build their organic retail business. Built safe food awareness among corporate employees, students & residential communities.
For more, see my biodata or my linkedin profile.

Current Activities and Interests

Abilities & Skill sets.

Initiatives — Section @ YM World

People Initiatives Organisations

Home Schooling

Homeschooling by AwakenToLife.org

We are now inviting homeschoolers to share this course developed as an introduction or primer to homeschooling.
We are encouraging it be adopted by small groups of families and are always here to support you in this journey.
The video course comprises 10 modules, each having a page with it's outline here.
Kindly note that the course fee is Rs 12000 + GST and to contact vidya@awakentolife.org.
Course is made by Mrs Vidya Shankar, founder of relieffoundation.in and cascadefls.org.
Formerly a child rights and juvenile justice professional, she began Cascade, a family co-operative led Montessori model nearly 15 years ago.
A detailed bio can be had here.

World Pattern Of Process

WPoP Background

The World Pattern of Process was first a PhD thesis of Rasunah Marsden at the University of British Columbia in 2019. It has now the following objectives

Lay Summary

The World Pattern of Process introduces the concepts Zat, Sifat, Asma, Af'al (ZSAA) and material, vegetal, animal and human energies and then discusses correlations in the sciences and humanities which are supported by these concepts. A focus on energy and processes over and above objects or matter is emphasized in the dissertation.
Part 1 (Chapters 1-4) articulates the process central to World Pattern in the 'ZSAA' format. Part 2 (Chapters 5-7) shows the application of the concepts when viewing indigenous world views, the Great Chain of Being, and Theories of Everything. These applications were chosen as examples of alternate, past and contemporary world views, respectively, which can be associated with the World Pattern. As a pattern of analysis, the World Pattern of Process offers a holistic approach to knowledge systems and re-invigorates dialectics on human be-ing which can enrich deliberations on existence and process in the field of education and beyond. For updates, tune into The Alliances Email Group here. Or see her thesis at the UBC Site. She can be emailed at rasunah@shaw.ca

Yieldmore Ideas

Core Ideas of YieldMore.org - Services of Imran

All programs work with a base fee of Rs 5000/- and a half day / full day fee of Rs 4000 / 7500 + GST. Further license and program charges may apply. To discuss further, we charge
At yieldmore.org, having stockpiled ideas, inspiring curation, resources and written compelling articles, we now promote multiple people, organisations, programs and initiatives, interacting imaginatively with the world.
If you like this page and want to make your own, simply correlate the content with this format and send it to us.

You may pay Imran a base fee and join.
UPI ID for Indian Money Transfer (GPay / PhonePe etc):
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Organisations — Section @ YM World

People Initiatives Organisations

Root Trust

Shirly of Root Trust wants pledges from Individuals of between Rs 1000 and 5000 per month to operate 5 centers for which the total target is to raise 30k a month. Fund her work with education for children, women in the underprivileged areas where her evening study programs help keep high risk children engaged in creative and self development activities.


About Vishwas

Persons with mental illness and their families become isolated from society. They have to suffer because of lack of knowledge, misbeliefs, and stigma. There is no other support or guidance available to them apart from the help from doctors. Often the so-called mental illness is a spiritual process which helps in healing and awakening at a very deep level. It is said that the waters in which a mystic swims in are the same waters in which a person with so-called mental illness drowns in. Our attempt is to help them at least float in these waters. We want to provide a space for support without judgment. Vishwas is an organization where we believe that with support and guidance all persons who are in a spiritual journey but termed as mentally ill, will blossom into their full selves and change the world!

Why Vishwas

Vishwas is a Sanskrit word that when translated in English has many meanings according to the Collins dictionary. All of these words compoundingly convey what we are trying to provide through this initiative. Firstly, it means 'assurance' and when you give someone assurance that things are ok or they are going to be ok, you are trying to make them less worried. Vishwas also translates into 'confidence' or 'conviction' and here at Vishwas we are trying to nurture that confidence and belief in your thinking and the way you might be feeling. Here 'conviction' also points towards a feeling of certainty and that something that you are experiencing exists, is true and might be for good. The word vishwas also means 'credence' and through Vishwas we hope to lend credence to your consciousness and awareness of your spiritual energies so that you feel empowered and not bewildered. We are also trying to lend credence to your feelings and awareness. Vishwas also means 'notion' and we at Vishwas are here to support your ideas and thinking in meaningful ways and guide you to the right kind of therapies and support that may heal you in dealing with your mental health crises and emergencies. And lastly vishwas means 'trust' which is going to be the very basis of our work and partnership with you because we believe in you and your understanding of your world and we expect you to trust us and allow us to support you in your healing process.

What is Spirituality

Spirituality is an acknowledged concept. It involves belief, experience and for some, obedience to an all powerful force usually called God, who resides within each of us. It involves the ways in which people fulfill what they hold to be the purpose of their lives, a search for the meaning of life and a sense of connectedness to the universe. The universality of spirituality extends across creed and culture. For a lot of persons undergoing the so-called extreme states of consciousness, spirituality is an energy which drives all actions and intentions in a profoundly experiential and transcendent way. At the same time, spirituality is very much personal and unique to each person. It is a sacred realm of human experience. Spirituality nurtures many qualities such as love, honesty, patience, tolerance, compassion, a sense of detachment, faith, and hope. Of late, there are some reports which suggest that some areas of the brain, mainly the nondominant one, are involved in the appreciation and fulfillment of spiritual values and experiences. However, universal consciousness is much beyond the physical brain and even our minds.

Spiritual Processes

The spiritual processes are all processes which can cause a shift in one's identity and reality, an acknowledgment of the cosmic consciousness, an expanded bandwidth of perception, phenomena which are very transformative if allowed to integrate into one's life. To know more click here.