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"World Pattern Of Process"

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WPoP Background

The World Pattern of Process was first a PhD thesis of Rasunah Marsden at the University of British Columbia in 2019.

It has now the following objectives

Lay Summary

The World Pattern of Process introduces the concepts Zat, Sifat, Asma, Af'al (ZSAA) and material, vegetal, animal and human energies and then discusses correlations in the sciences and humanities which are supported by these concepts. A focus on energy and processes over and above objects or matter is emphasized in the dissertation.

Part 1 (Chapters 1-4) articulates the process central to World Pattern in the 'ZSAA' format.

Part 2 (Chapters 5-7) shows the application of the concepts when viewing indigenous world views, the Great Chain of Being, and Theories of Everything.

These applications were chosen as examples of alternate, past and contemporary world views, respectively, which can be associated with the World Pattern. As a pattern of analysis, the World Pattern of Process offers a holistic approach to knowledge systems and re-invigorates dialectics on human be-ing which can enrich deliberations on existence and process in the field of education and beyond.

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Or see her thesis at the UBC Site. She can be emailed at rasunah@shaw.ca