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Radhakrishnan S

Climate and Sustainability Consultant

Founder of SEAMovement.org.

Passion: To develop local solutions in adapting the effects of climate change and build resilience which majorly involves the core survival areas such as water, food, shelter and energy.

Past Activities

  1. Involved in Community based environment development (CBED) program with Chennai metropolitan development authority (CMDA) in which community participation is the highlight. Associated with Pond renovation, Park development, Burial ground development and Storm water drain project works in the suburbs of Chennai.
  2. Market support to Farmer Producer Companies in a few districts of Tamil Nadu. Guidance for direct selling to consumers; to keep a customer base for regular business.
  3. Urban market development for Safe and nutritious food. Also guided many new entrepreneurs to build their organic retail business. Built safe food awareness among corporate employees, students & residential communities.
For more, see my biodata or my linkedin profile.

Current Activities and Interests

Abilities & Skill sets.