1. ‘Halt Global Warming’ with – ‘Posterity Joy Consciousness’
  2. Foster ‘Culture of Joy’ in MADDS – (Music, Art, Dance, Drama and Sports)
  3. Determine City ‘Happy – Joy Indices’ to Marshal Resources Needed
  4. ‘Smart-Joy Street Management’ – Ushering Politics of Joy
  5. Joyversity in Schools and Colleges – Leading to Joy Streets/Localities Management (Academia Society Linkage)
  6. ‘Joyist’ Focus on Wellness and Holistic Wellbeing (Health sans Medicine)
  7. ‘Joyist’ Transition of Human & Environment Rights Violation Perpetrators
  8. ‘Joyist’ Transition of Localities Prone to Crime, Violence & Sectarianism
  9. ‘Joyist’ Focus on Transition of Beggars and Rag- Pickers into ‘Clean City Animators’ & ‘Recycle & Composting Agents’

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